Stepdad knocks little girl out with chloroform & acetone, claims he gave her a ‘breathing treatment’

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A Washington stepfather is facing assault charges after allegedly knocking his 13-year old stepdaughter unconscious with chloroform and acetone.

The Courier-Herald reports Allen W. Bittner was charged with second-degree assault after his 13-year-old stepdaughter was found unconscious in her bedroom on October 12. The girl’s mother contacted 911 after she found the girl unresponsive at their Black Diamond home.

First responders subsequently rushed the victim to the Auburn Airport, where she was airlifted and taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Medical staff placed the girl in the pediatric intensive care and put her on a breathing tube.

When authorities questioned Bitters, he claimed he tried to give the girl a breathing treatment to “open the airway and kill bacteria.” According to court documents, Bittner told authorities he had no idea what the chemical was. He allegedly claimed a friend at work gave him the chemical, then said he had no way of contacting his friend, who he called “John.”

Investigators found chemical-soaked cloths and a bottle in Bitter’s home. The items were sent off to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab for testing.

The lab confirmed that the cloths contained both acetone and chloroform.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Bitters’ electronics. They found online searches in his cellphone for how to obtain chloroform and the effects of the chemical.

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