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Man tackled after grabbing teen in Nashville last month arrested again for indecent exposure

Tennessee man accused of grabbing a 14-year-old girl on a street in a popular tourist destination in Nashville last month has been arrested again for indecent exposure.

An East Nashville woman said she was confronted Sunday afternoon by a stranger, who pulled down his pants and inappropriately touched himself on her porch, according to WKRN-TV.

The woman said she hid inside her home and called police. The suspect, identified as Erig Craig, 38,  was arrested, the TV station reported.

“It didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real,” the woman, who asked not to be identified, told the station Monday.

She said she was using her phone outside her home when the man began shouting from across the street, saying he was interested in her, according to WKRN.

“He was yelling that he wanted me. That he wanted to come in my house,” she said. “I just had a very off feeling about him, just from looking at him. He came across the street, walked up my stairs, stood there and stared at me.”

The woman said she ran inside and locked the door.  “That’s when he pulled down his pants,” she told the station.

A responding officer witnessed Craig yelling at the woman from her porch while touching himself, WKRN reported.

Craig was arrested and charged with assault, indecent exposure and trespassing.

Craig was arrested about two weeks ago when he allegedly grabbed a 14-year-old in front of the girl’s father on Broadway near many of Nashville’s honky-tonk bars. Craig was then tackled and held down by the father and some bystanders, according to police.

Craig was charged with assault in the August incident.

A spokeswoman with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told Fox News last month that Craig is homeless.

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