Woman escapes truck driver who she claims intended to rape and kidnap her for days

CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A Clarksville woman details in an affidavit how she escaped from the semi-truck of a man who she claims handcuffed her and threatened to rape her after picking her up when she ran out of gas.

The woman, who is not identified in the affidavit, told Clarksville police that on May 22, truck driver Roy Nellsch picked her up when her car ran out of gas on 1-24 on the Kentucky/Tennessee state line.

The woman said Nellsch offered her a ride to Exit 4 to get gas, and that once she was inside, he pulled a gun on her and said that he was kidnapping her and he was going to rape her, and he would “keep her for a couple of days.”

In the affidavit, the woman said she fought Nellsch, but he handcuffed her behind her back, and that he then brought out a second gun and hit her in the head.

The woman said she was able to get one hand free from the cuffs and fought back, ultimately able to escape.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Clarksville Police are asking the public’s help in an ongoing investigation into a kidnapping suspect who may be linked to other crimes.

The affidavit reads that Nellsch was stopped around Coopertown and taken into custody.

The court record indicates the woman had defensive wounds on her hands and arms, and that two handguns she described were found in the semi.

The affidavit also shows that the handcuffs, the woman’s purse and one of her shoes were recovered in Nellsch’s truck.

According to the affidavit, Nellsch admitted to hitting the woman in the head with the handgun and handcuffing her.

Nellsch’s case is now headed to the grand jury.

A spokesman for Clarksville’s police stated that they had an active investigation into Nellsch and could not comment.

In a news release, the TBI stated, “In recent days, authorities have developed information to suggest Nellsch, a truck driver, may be connected to additional crimes with additional victims. Anyone who had an interaction with Nellsch, or who may otherwise be able to assist the ongoing investigation, should contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.”