Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Teen fires through front door, shoots cop attempting to serve search warrant

Authorities in Illinois say a 34-year-old police officer was shot while he attempted to serve a search warrant at a home in Chicago on Saturday.

According to WGN, 19-year-old Emily Petronella was the subject of the warrant and allegedly opened fire, striking the officer in the shoulder. She is accused of firing through the door as the officer stood outside.

The teen was free on $10,000 bond at the time of the shooting, stemming from an arrest last month, as reported by Fox News. Upon searching the residence, officers reportedly found a pistol, a sizable stash of weed and stacks of cash.

Police arrested the suspect and the officer was transported to an area hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.


Chicago Police Department spokesperson Anthony Gugilelmi said the officer made it through an emergency surgery and is “in good spirits” surrounded by his family at Stroger Hospital.

Petronella is expected to face charges including attempted murder in the first degree, aggravated assault of an officer with a weapon, armed violence and discharge of a weapon, and aggravated discharge of a firearm at an officer in connection with the shooting. She also faces criminal charges including a felony count of manufacturing and delivering more than 5,000 grams of cannabis and a misdemeanor bail bond violation.

Guglielmi said the case represents “another illustration of how dangerous it is for police officers to serve search warrants.”


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