Mississippi mulls changes to law on vehicles tinted windows

Mississippi mulls changes to law on vehicles’ tinted windows | Raleigh News & Observer

Mississippi could tighten its regulation of tinted windows, so police can see inside vehicles.

Currently, people with sensitivity to sunlight may get a doctor’s note saying they need darker tint than state law allows. Legislators are considering House Bill 1535 , to remove that medical exemption.

The bill would also let police in small cities write tickets for vehicles with window tint that’s too dark. Current law bans such tickets in cities with fewer than 2,000 residents.

Republican Rep. Steve Massengill of Hickory Flat says just as people violate the window tint law in Jackson they also violate it in his hometown. He says it would be fair to let smaller towns write tickets.

The bill passed the Transportation Committee on Wednesday and moves to the full House for debate.